Access the best medical opinions with ease

advicor is the trusted adviser to the legal and insurance professions, delivering world-leading medical opinions that form the core of your case. By ensuring the right specialist advises you, we provide the fact base you need for decision-making and to best unlock a case’s potential – or conversely to understand risk –for your clients. Our advice will get to the crux of your case.

Importantly, advicor understands that each medical negligence case is unique, requiring a tailored approach. We support your work with clinical expertise and efficiency, advising you on case viability, providing medical opinion of the highest quality and ensuring reports stand up to the utmost scrutiny in court.

Our global panel of world-renowned experts and specialists across Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand means we always provide the foremost medical opinion. We are part of the global ExamWorks Group, the world’s largest provider of medical opinions.

29,000 medical specialists

Ease of access to our global network of experts

Across 3 continents

The right expert for your case in Australia or overseas

More than 50 specialties

Our advice will get to the crux of your case

Bridging the legal, insurance and medical professions

Our mission is to provide leaders of the legal and insurance professions with world-leading medical expertise, allowing them to make fully informed, optimal decisions about their cases.

We are a team of people who bridge the legal, insurnace and medical professions. Our dedicated team has in-depth knowledge about medical negligence cases and can work with you to identify the best approach and expertise for your case, liaise with our medical experts and specialists on your behalf and ensure your report is of the highest quality.

We specialise in medical negligence work and providing trusted, fact-based advice.

What we do not specialise in is just one type of medical negligence work.

We provide world-leading medical opinion where it is needed. With advicor, you get expert verbal and written opinions from a trusted adviser. Any subsequent report will be carefully considered, well written and of the highest quality.

We believe that what we do, and how we work with you, really matters… after all; expert, evidence-based medical opinions build stronger healthcare and legal systems.