We give you the best medical opinion available

At advicor, we work with leading, highly credentialed medical specialists and allied health professionals to provide you with the best medical opinion available. We also do it by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your brief and sourcing the exact right adviser for your case.

Optimal approach for your case

Our dedicated team have in-depth knowledge of medical negligence cases and can work with you to identify the best specialist or expert for your case; leading to the optimal strategy. They will then liaise with your expert and, once approach is decided, ensure the efficient progression of your report from start to finish.

Confidence in your case

Sourcing world leading medical opinions that form the core of your case can only be achieved when you access to over 29,000 medical specialists. By ensuring the right specialist advises you, we provide the fact base you need for to best unlock your case’s potential – or conversely to understand risk – for your clients. Our advice will get you to the crux of your case.

Industry-leading specialists

With advicor, you have access to the most highly respected and esteemed medical specialists and experts in your state, the nation and the world. Our specialist medical panel is comprised of industry leaders, ensuring credible and trusted opinions on your medical negligence case.

Reports of the highest rigour and quality

All advicor’s reports are carefully considered, well written and quality assured at the highest level. We also provide you with the option to have a fully qualified barrister examine the report, providing an extra layer of quality assurance and ensuring the report stands up to the highest scrutiny in court.

Get in touch with one of our dedicated team members to discuss building a tailor-made solution for your medical negligence case.